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Introducing Friendd

Friendd the best application to meet new girlfriends

When you get a message, you are notified by a Push notification to not miss an opportunity to chat. All notifications are accessible from the "Notifications" page. By clicking on a notification, you can directly access the profile or the message.


Friendd is an application based on geolocation. To be able to find users on Friendd, it is necessary to activate the geolocation in the settings of your smartphone. Otherwise, you will not see anyone and nobody will see you. Your exact position is unknown for other users, as well as for Friendd.


Facebook Connect allows you to create your account on Friendd very easily and quickly, it helps you to complete your profile and give it more credibility. A profile connected to Facebook inspires confidence and facilitates the relationships between users because only girls are allowed to register on the Friendd application.

How it works?

Manage profile Friendd application
My friends messaging access messages from my friends
My conversation with my friend Friendd
My girlfriends registered friends list Friendd
Search friends and find girlfriends with Friendd
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Home page

Heart of the application, it allows you to access all the functions of the application.


Presented on the home page, the messages feature allow you to chat with your girlfriends quickly.


The Search function at the center of the page helps you find friends around easily!


Find Friendd Newz, the blog that lists the best articles: Society, Ideas, Fashion, Culture, Beauty, Etc!

What are the advantages of the application?

Sharing happiness and no longer feeling alone or isolated
Happiness is real only when it is shared!

  • # Want to walk around?
  • # Want to chat?
  • # Want to go to the cinema?
  • # Want to dance ?
  • # Want to make friends?
The principles of the Friendd app

Any woman registered on the application is free to get to know other users around her.

Because sometimes, it’s hard to chat naturally with other people because of our shyness and our a priori and because Friendd is a good alternative to make a network of girlfriends.

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You landed in a new city and you do not know how to make new friends?

Don't let the situation getting worse and download Friendd! You will meet lots of new friends with whom to share activities only between girls!


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