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Presentation and history of Friendd application
Friendd, what is it?

Friendd, is first a meeting application for girls who want to make friends. Due to geolocation you can find friends close to yourself. The aim is to enable women to get to know each other in order to avoid loneliness.

The application launched in March 2017 is intended to make women more supportive and more united. Creating a network of girlfriends may be a real asset. Between girls we are more confident, we are more reassured and more self-confident. This allows you to go out and to do different activities.

Friendd is also about Newz, articles about anything that might interest our community. News, Lifestyle, Fashion, Culture, Ideas, Beauty, Etc!

What is the purpose of the app and its benefits
What are the advantages of the application?

An easy and simple app to use. Friendd has all the tools needed to make friends quickly! If you feel like walking, chatting, going to the cinema or making friends, everything is possible due to Friendd!

Any girl registered on the application is available to get to know other users around her.

Shy or a priori left out, Friendd is a good alternative to make a network of girlfriends and especially if it’s hard for someone to get to know people in real life.

Presentation of our users
Who are the Friendd ?

These are all those curious and friendly women who want to meet people, for friendship only.

Freshly landed on vacation or year-round they don't want to be alone, but also not badly accompanied!

Friendd in 3 words?


Friendd, is the first application created for girls, by a girl. Much more than just an application, it is a friendly platform where members can meet, talk to each other and become friends.

Girls friendship

Friendd is a mobile application that could be summarized just with this sentence!


Friendd is for gender equality, women's solidarity may be a real bulwark against discrimination and patriarchy. It is by being united that women will conquer!

Friendd Family

Maria V, Friendd founder, Graphic design, Marketing & Copywriting

Gaspard S, Web developer & designer

Nathanaël A, Developer

Mango Moral support