Using Friendd

The profiles

What are the profiles on the "Search" page?

The profiles correspond to the active members present in the kilometric radius you have defined in your settings.

I found a girl that interests me, what should I do?

You can either save her in your Friendd, send her a message or just check her profile to know more about her.

Who can see my profile?

All the girls around you can check your profile, according to their distance settings. If you deactivate the "Activation" function, then only your registered girlfriends can continue to communicate with you and to see your profile.

I changed my preferences, but the profiles do not change in the "Search" section.

It depends on where you are and the use of the application there! We are working on what the Friendd application is used by as many girls as possible, do not hesitate to share the application if you like it! The more, the merrier ;)

How to find a person on Friendd?

If you have already communicated with this person you can find it in the category "Messages" and if you have Friendded her, look at the space: heart picto. Otherwise do not hesitate to put your parameters distance and age in function of that person.

Visible profiles do not match my preferences.

Maybe there are not enough people connected to Friendd where you are, or maybe you are too difficult ? Sometimes, one must not attach oneself to appearances, they can be deceptive! Otherwise you can also talk about the application around you, so the Friendd community will grow.

What does "Friendd" mean about the members' profile?

When you Friendd a person you save it in your girlfriends, you can access at any time to this space by clicking on the heart icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

The actions

How to interact with profiles?

We invite you to register or communicate with the profiles that interest you.

What happens if I block someone?

If you block a person you will never be able to see her or communicate with her and same for her.

I blocked or refused a profile but I would like to go back, is it possible?

You have access to the list of users that you have blocked or refused in the section "Users refused / Blocked "from the" My Preferences "page. You can modify this list at any time by unblocking or by accepting a profile that you have already blocked or refused.

How to block a person?

Simply go to the profile of the person and press the "Block" button.

How to report a person?

At any time, from a profile or a conversation, you can block a user or report a problem behavior by clicking on "report". In order for our Customer Service to evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures, it is important that you specify the reason and purpose of the report.

Is it necessary to activate geolocation to make Friendd work?

Friendd is a geolocated application. To be able to find Friendd users, it is necessary to activate the geolocation in the settings of your smartphone. Otherwise, you will not see anyone and nobody will see you.

Is my position saved?

No, we do not keep your position.

Can other members see my precise position?

The application allows you to find people who are around you. Your precise position is unknown for other users, as well as for Friendd.


What are the notifications I receive?

As soon as you receive a message you are notified by a push notification to avoid missing an opportunity to get a conversation. All notifications are accessible from the "Notifications" page. By clicking on notification, you can directly access the profile or message.

How do I disable Push Notifications?

In the section "Settings of the app", you have the possibility to turn them off..

How do I delete a notification?

By dragging the notification on the left, quick actions will be accessible to you, among others "To erase".


How to start a conversation with a person?

The message option is available in the description space of the person under her profile picture.

What kind of messages can I send to my Friendd?

Directly from the bottom bar, you have the possibility to send text and voice messages, emojis as well, etc.
Let your desires speak to break the ice and enhance your discussions.

Can I erase a conversation?

The action to delete a conversation is accessible:
- from the "Messages" page, dragging the conversation on the left,
- from this one, clicking on the "3 points" at the top right.